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Re: Operation Hyacinth 64
« Reply #45 on: 21-07-2019, 23:07:20 »
Another couple of rounds on this map and I'm now utterly convinced this map is unwinnable as Italians unless the LRDG is composed entirely of 2 year old toddlers.

I would prioritize on the following
  • disable friendly fire on objectives (seriously, some people really hate this map)
  • less explosives for Allies
  • better MG positions for the Axis
  • the forward roadblock spawn is useless. Either get rid of it or make it an actual threat to the Allies (maybe an AT gun ?)
  • maybe increase Italian Scout kit smine starting ammo to 2 or
  • introduce "ammo" pickup kit that enables the mines to be replenished more easily, provided the Italians can find 2 people willing to engage in some team work (trying to find ammo boxes in the dark is not easy!)


While thinking about Supercharge map I just remembered a cool scene from COD2 that could be a good way to make at least one objective harder to get to for the Allies. It's the one where there's a closed door and one Brit starts bashing it when an MG 42 opens up through it, killing him in the process.

I'm sure there's a two story building static that could be used to place the radio objective somewhere in the map (and there is / was an MG in a similar position on Crete).

The problem now is that most of the objectives are pretty exposed, allowing Allies to sometimes kill them even behind the walls....

Pic for reference:

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Re: Operation Hyacinth 64
« Reply #46 on: 21-07-2019, 23:07:55 »
Imo, this map is really only good for around 40 or less players. It'd suck to see it leave the server, :-\ but maybe it could be a 32 layer only and pop up when there's 40 players or less on the server.

Objectives in general are too easy. It'd be nice if it could be coded like other games, like Rush in Battlefield 4 etc... where you 'plant' an explosive (walk up to the objective and press a button that gives you a timer to place it) and then give the Italians a chance to 'defuse' it before it explodes.

Idk if that's possible tho :(