Author Topic: What is the Correct Multiplayer Support Formula?  (Read 537 times)

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What is the Correct Multiplayer Support Formula?
« on: 10-04-2010, 19:04:14 »
     I am through most of the problems I've been having with my mod I've been creating, but the next problem I have to deal with is certain levels crashing on the Client Side, when a client tries loading in to a map that is running.

     I have about 3 or 4 maps working over multiplayer in this way, but the other 50 some maps, do not.  The server loads and can be played on, but when another player tries to join in, they crash, or the map loads and doesn't allow them to spawn, etc.

     I have corrected this problem in 2 of the maps so far, by copying the format of the regular map.rfa & the 003.rfa files to the maps that aren't working, but this process doesn't seem to work for every map that is having a problem.

      My question is:  Is there a SPECIFICALLY CORRECT format for the .con files, the folders, and the scripting that should go into both the main map.rfa & it's 003.rfa file?

For example:  I know that some files in the 003.rfa require the script "if v_arg1 == host" to be placed at the top or in a certain position within the .con file and the script "endIf" to be placed at the bottom.

     I also know that in certain folders, such as the Conquest folder (within the 003.rfa), you don't need all of the conquest files from the main map.rfa, but only need the ControlPoints.con and the ObjectSpawns.con

     Can someone please make a detailed list & explanation of which files/folders should be in the mainmap.rfa & which ones should be placed in the map_003.rfa files.  Also a detailed explanation of which scripts should be placed in which files (and where in said .con files), to allow regular conquest & coop support over a LAN, so the client stops crashing out.

Thank You,

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