Author Topic: How Do I Fix This? - Certain Maps not working over LAN  (Read 427 times)

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Hi There,
     I have about 60 some different maps in my minimod I've been working on.  Some of them are just 1, single .rfa file, like Mimoyecques.rfa, and they work Just Fine over Coop Mode over a LAN/online, but not every map with just one file works over a network.  Then I'm noticing that a lot of my maps with 003 or 005, etc. .rfa files (like El_Rajhi_Pass_003.rfa) don't work over a LAN game/online, but they still work in singleplayer mode, or coop mode with only one person playing (the host).

     Any idea what this might be?  I was thinking that I should just make a 003 file for every map I have in the mod, but is there a Correct way of making one?  Are there Specific files and folders, and/or specifically different scripts that must be in each file to make the map work in coop over a LAN/online?

Thank You,

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