Author Topic: Don't forget about WOLF Thursdays!  (Read 517 times)

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Don't forget about WOLF Thursdays!
« on: 11-03-2010, 20:03:45 »
As some may know, Thursday night is when most of the regular WOLF players gather on the server to get their FH2 fix.  If you're a North American FH2 fan who wants a good ping that can't be found on European servers, stop by on Thursdays.  Euro Players are of course welcome as well, there's nothing quite like shooting guys from across the pond.  ;)  There's always plenty of Admins on, so if you want to see a certain map, ask and it might be played.  VoIP is enabled too, so don't be afraid to get some Teamwork going.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of people tonight.

If you think of a way to make WOLF Thursdays better, stop in over at the FH2 Forums and post up some feedback.

Server Info:

Disclaimer: I am not a WOLF Admin, only a member of the WOLF Gaming Community.  I cannot change maps, kick/ban people, repeal kick/bans, or do anything other than forward the issue to actual Admins.
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Re: Don't forget about WOLF Thursdays!
« Reply #1 on: 12-03-2010, 05:03:23 »
I'm always on Wolf or the 101st, looking forward to this thursday!

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Re: Don't forget about WOLF Thursdays!
« Reply #2 on: 13-03-2010, 19:03:52 »
Was on Wolf Thursday night... not as many players as I hoped.  Can't remember if previous Thursday was any better.  Come on folks, lets try to get the numbers back up at least once a week.
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