Author Topic: How to load custom overgrowth from the map folder?  (Read 2742 times)

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This is what I did:

-Exported the Tree to fh2/objects/vegitation/beech_autumn_20m_forest_1
-placed the tree in the map
-Made a folder fh2/levels/mymap/objects/vegitation/beech_autumn_20m_forest_1
-Copied all the exported object files into this folder
-Changed init.con by adding the line
Code: [Select]
run Objects\vegitation\beech_autumn_20m_forest_1\beech_autumn_20m_forest_1.con
- Copied the map to my unchanged fh2 folder and fired it up

-> Map crashes while loading collisson with error:

When I do exactly the same with a cube that is a static and put it in the folder fh2/levels/mymap/objects/staticobjects/cube and add the line
Code: [Select]
run Objects\staticobjects\cube\cube.con to the init.con it works!

So does anyone know what other files I have to change to get my tree running as overgrowth?