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Re: italian stuff
« Reply #330 on: 22-01-2012, 19:01:57 »
i used to have a decent camera
but then it took damage to the lens

That is not how you properly zoom with a camera theta.

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Re: italian stuff
« Reply #331 on: 02-04-2012, 17:04:35 »
So, finally the Italians got the attention they deserved, i was surprised when i saw the M11/39, i thought they never listened to us, i was so desperate to see that beauty in game i was even ready to take 3dsmax and do it by myself... you dont know how big was my smile when i saw that machine to be added in FH2.

Then the Arty piece, i wasnt expecting it, now theres no need to add LeFHs in Italian maps, now they have their own arty!!!

And now you guys come up with two of my favorite birds of all time, i call them the "Machos", but they're Macchis, now they even have airplanes!.

Now the Italians have the basic assets for a good bunch of possible maps, it has expanded, it is better.

But whats left? one main asset remains in the shadows, the little Carro Veloce, Bardia screams for one. A couple of things like Cannone da 75/46, Cr42, Semovente 75/18, thats whats left i guess.

Thanks for adding such amazing new vehicles, it must be the ONLY FPS that has such stuff, as an Italian Culture lover, Italian Football Lover and Italian Military lover, THANK YOU.

Now give me a L3/35 damnit!

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Re: italian stuff
« Reply #332 on: 02-04-2012, 19:04:18 »
True priorities would be to polish up the Italian army first, not by adding more vehicles but by deleting present 'placeholders'. Almost all of those things have been polished away now, except for the smoke grenade  :)

I truly hope there will be even more Italian stuff and definitely more maps with Italy in the future.
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