Author Topic: Bot Infantry and vehicle AI in 2.25  (Read 7193 times)

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Re: Bot Infantry and vehicle AI in 2.25
« Reply #60 on: 28-03-2010, 18:03:47 »
I was actually feeling very down when I wrote that... Irony wasn't what I was going for

That said, I've managed to somehow decide to soldier on - Not because of anything inspirational I was told on the forums, or any change in my fortune - But simply because, what are you going to do...

I probably wont be the best tester though since i still run up to 32 bots and with reduced RAM for their logic... I hope my opinions will still represent the general observation considering that I should be seen as unreliable in regards to early feedback

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Re: Bot Infantry and vehicle AI in 2.25
« Reply #61 on: 03-04-2010, 18:04:19 »
Glad you're still here. I don't know why running a scaled down system should exclude you from beta testing, anything is helpful. In fact you could test the modifications for compatibility with slower systems.

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Re: Bot Infantry and vehicle AI in 2.25
« Reply #62 on: 04-04-2010, 13:04:30 »
Yer, I see things happening in slo-mo.. I can almost tell what the bot is deciding before it final chooses its line of action.. that part is priceless

Well, I found out that my Processor isn't kaput as I thought so no need to shell out to buy a new Core-i7. Just need to figure out why my Desktop wont startup... might be a cheaper solution...

Got some feedback though, going to post it up right now... So yer, I'm definitely still here

Updated check:
With the latest of Drawde's patches, I've noted a change in the handling of fighter aircrafts and Aa guns... I recall that in raw 2.2, AA although quite alert was rather inaccurate which gave aircrafts a chance. Also the 88 was probably more accurate than most AA guns, balanced only by a slow rate of fire and infantry's ability to take it out while it focused on armor and air targets. Now however, planes seem to only dive for a strafing run shortly before they are over a target making them very inaccurate and AA very dull and yet deadly accurate.

Here's my thinking since it seems clear we aren't aware of where the changes occured. Stukas strafe from the range fighters used to so i can imagine these values sufficing to give fighters that same behaviour once again. I would say, to balance their killing power, fighters should perform thus:
1/ Fighters will only use mg on exposed infantry firing from range to give them increased chance of a hit
2/ Fighters will use cannon on only concealed infantry under the same conditions infantry use grenades as well as light armor
3/ Fighters will engage other aircrafts with mg from range and use cannons only at close range to blow them away and prevent collision.. Also to make dogfights interesting - And I think real proficient fighters fought in that fashion
4/ Stukas will use mgs on exposed infantry targets and light vehicles
5/ Stukas will use bombs on gun positions, armored vehicles and concealed infantry
6/ Fighter-bombers will use bombs on armored targets, concealed infantry (As they would be using cannon on everything else already) and gun positions.

This will restore the balance of the fight making Stukas do more strafing runs rather than dropping bombs on single infantry targets

The 88 needs the exact values it had in 2.2 or 2.25 save for selectiing the correct salvo for each target kind - Currently it is dull, too inaccurate for armored targets and fires HE at only point blank range
AA guns need the exact values they had in 2.2 - Flakvielings might need to be handicapped slightly to make them slightly less deadly to infantry and aircrafts.

Also it seems like infantry no longer fire at exposed positions - Or only seem to fire at a few, usually because they are throwing grenades at armor that has these exposed positions or avoiding the target altogether. Infantry needs to use their handweapons on such targets as 88s, other AT, AA guns and rider-positions in vehicles including second seater positions in trucks and jeeps, rather than firing at the vehicle itself.

Any word on the experiment of raising the view point for artillery. Have German mortar been repaired for the next build?
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