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Re: Artillery
« Reply #15 on: 10-11-2009, 18:11:54 »
the AP rounds where added IRL because the HE shell couldnt deal with frontal armors.

AP ammo was added to almost any Artillery gun SHOULD an enemy tank come in direct firing range.

Artillery was also sometimes strong enough to cause such a huge blast, that despite little damage to the tank, the crew would be hit very hard by the shockwave. Some Artillery guns packed so much punch, that they simply flipped a tank (A 175MM HE shell fired from a M107 Self proppelled artillery landing in a 1.5 Radius of a M60 weighing 55 Tons simply flipped the vehicle)

World war 2 Tanks where lighter, so you can imagine what would happen to a Panzer IV if a BL 5.5Inch field gun fires a HE shell and it lands next to it
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Re: Artillery
« Reply #16 on: 10-11-2009, 18:11:28 »
I wonder:  Would it make sense to list the HE shell before the AP shell on the ammo selection screen?  I think the guns should have AP, but I use HE and smoke much more than AP.

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Re: Artillery
« Reply #17 on: 10-11-2009, 21:11:39 »
Right now they're ordered like that because it is the alphabetical order. I don't know if it is possible to change, but it sounds like it can be done.

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Re: Artillery
« Reply #18 on: 10-11-2009, 23:11:19 »
Armor-Piercing shells from arty will usually kill all but the heaviest tanks in one shot.  But any tanker worth his salt will haul ass the instant a shell lands near him, so unless you hit with the first shot, you might have wasted that spot.  On the other hand, HE shells only kill the lightest tanks in one shot, usually requiring two shors for medium tanks.  The upside is that, with such a huge blast radius, only the most incompetent arty gunners will miss stationary tanks with HE.  However, unless you are an arty master, you likely won't be able to get a kill shot on that tank you just damaged as he retreats with his tail between his legs.  You can be happy that you stopped him from raping your team temporarily, and you will likely get a kill assist on him eventually.

Also, mortar shells are all but useless against tanks, requiring at least three direct hits to kill a light tank such as a Stuart.