Author Topic: 130th and 25th are looking for clans to have trainings together with  (Read 6454 times)

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Kradovech i am sorry but 79th team won't have players for sunday 31st of may as we talked last time on msn.
As i told you we have a match to prepare this day.

So how about the 7th of june ?

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7th of june is the Nations cup bro, try to arrange it on another date please :)
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You can't just demand others to change dates..
And ofcourse the event can be on the same day as nations cup, we just use different times.
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Since we lost 2 clans (the 25th are taking a break until normandy comes out and 79th went to a "summer vacation"), these events have stopped until more clans sign up. Right now we only have us and [e_C]. So, sign up.