Author Topic: Singleplayer pains  (Read 3587 times)

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Re: Singleplayer pains
« Reply #15 on: 02-12-2009, 16:12:11 »
Big annoyance, why do bot SL spend all their time fake-charging enemy tanks and then dashing back without popping smoke and do it again and again until either I or the tank kill them

It makes the bots seem even more stupid than they really are - And you have one soldier kit doing little to fight the war.

Can this be modified?

And engineers run at tanks with landmines - If they could use it prone that'll be fine, but they don't - Maybe they shouldn't run UP to the tank but think they can fire it from range with its best firing-postion being prone. That'll be totally novel for BF-series bots

BTW, are they able to remove enemy mines like BF2Vanilla bots could?