Author Topic: Can you record ingame kill feed?  (Read 447 times)

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Can you record ingame kill feed?
« on: 31-08-2022, 20:08:39 »
this is related to singleplayer experience but might not be server-side so could apply to multiplayer games as well. Is there a way to generate a text log of the kill feed during a game? So the name of the player getting the kill and the weapon / vehicle they used? Asking given that it would be very nice to make some excel-based personal stats for different vehicles and there's no way for this to be tracked with the vanilla after-battle stats screen(s).

Am assuming that something like this, if it could be done, wouldn't be a drain on computer performance during the game as the fh2 error checker makes little text logs when there are errors relative to the mapdata file, with no hiccups for the game itself. But I could be wrong...

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