Author Topic: What AI skill level is 'best'?  (Read 2969 times)

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What AI skill level is 'best'?
« on: 11-05-2021, 19:05:00 »
Howdy great peeps,

I'm wondering what difficulty is best for the AI (0-100), the game defaults to 80.

The AI is pretty well done and do some actual tactics, but isn't there a certain AI skill level number to/for which the bots were created? Such as the bots being developed based around 100 orso? Or were they specifically tuned for each/certain levels? I tried playing on 100% AI difficulty, which makes them become super-snipers, and on anything below 30%-40% they become quite oblivious.

Would love to know this!

I've doubled the amount of vehicles on my favorite maps and increased the bot count to 128, it's so fun.
If you set the serversettings.con file(s) to read-only it makes crashes occur far less frequent (practically none).

I love this mod and the chaotic fights that happen, love love love it!
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Re: What AI skill level is 'best'?
« Reply #1 on: 03-08-2021, 09:08:36 »
Hard to tell, as there's a Map, and also Mood factor.
But also, a sort of ever existing advantage of AI.

Setting for Map X I would not
tend to play on Y. Plantations, flowers, pottery, trees and bushes,
where I can't make out the direction a headshot came.
All is different on Bardia, where I headshoot AI over 1000m with the Carcano.

i.e. the more you get known a Map, the better you perform.
But at least me myself, I can't be a robot,
and some Days are just waste, where it would being harder,
very frustrating to play. I always adjust this to my current need.
Also in regard to the AI being skill dependent overall.
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Re: What AI skill level is 'best'?
« Reply #2 on: 04-08-2021, 00:08:25 »
AI skill is just a number that dictates how likely they are to hit you while wildly shooting from the hip and running towards you. Generally speaking, AI is pretty shoddy in this game and you should probably play MP ;)

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Re: What AI skill level is 'best'?
« Reply #3 on: 02-11-2022, 20:11:10 »
My advice would be 70 if your mod of Fh2 is more arcade focused (so fast-firing / reloading / handling weapons, agile soldiers, generous hitpoints), but 80 if your mod leans towards realism and staying under cover most of the time. The bots will give you a serious but beatable challenge on 80. It's just that on 70 your chances of running through a wheatfield under a hail of fire and reaching the wall at the end is that much better. Sometimes you want that, sometimes you don't : )