Author Topic: Weapon Unlocks Progression System??  (Read 399 times)

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Weapon Unlocks Progression System??
« on: 26-01-2021, 00:01:08 »
I know this topic has already been discussed before, but I wanted to re-iterate it with a different approach.

Most of you should know about the weapons unlock system from Vanilla BF2. But I wanted to know: is it possible to implement the unlock system (with ranking and leveling up for specific classes and all that) in FH2? Or does it have to be an official EA server?

If it is possible, could some kits contain an "unlockable" weapon/kit for those who have played the game long enough? For example, since most people on the server are veterans at this point, perhaps the US assault kit (with the Thompson) could be an "unlock," and the "standard" weapon could be an M1 carbine. I know it's not a perfect example, since carbines weren't really used on the frontline, but you get the idea. This could add weapon variety while also keeping "bad" weapons (like the M1 Carbine) in relatively high numbers, since most players would work to unlock the Thompson and would thus have to use the M1 Carbine. This might make the game a little more realistic in conjunction with the limited kits system.

Maybe a better example could be the early-war German rifleman. The "standard" kit could have just grenades, but the "unlock" could add the gewehrgranatgerat. Or the early-war British assault kit, with the "standard" kit using a Tommygun with a 20 round magazine instead of an "unlockable" 50 round drum. I know that FH2's focus isn't this kind of progression, and it would mess with singleplayer somewhat, but this might entice new players to work to unlock something and keep them attached to the game a little longer. Myself (and maybe others) would enjoy more kit variety, while still keeping the game historically accurate and fun.

Edit: When I talk about "standard" kits and "unlockable" kits, the point I'm trying to make is that the "unlockable" kit in-game would, historically, be standard-issue. The "standard" kit would be different (i.e. worse) than the "unlockable" in some way, but still see significant service historically, although not the majority. Refer again to the Tommygun example, where both 20- and 50- round magazines/drums were used.

Another Edit: Just to make absolutely sure I'm clear, this would not effect every kit. It would be far too overwhelming for some people, and put extra work on our already hard-working dev and research team. I'm just putting this idea out there for some maps, in the case of equal numbers of two different types of equipment (i.e. MP v. StG or different grenades) occupying the same niche, and to add kit variety. I would personally love an M1 Carbine kit with Mk. II grenades somewhere or an MP 40 kit on Seelow Heights.

As with everything else in this topic, just a suggestion, and gameplay and historical accuracy come first. Thanks for reading my book

P.S. I would do this myself except that I have no clue how to make an unlock switch button or an alternate weapon button like on an NCO kit.

P.P.S. I will add potential examples here as I think of them. Keep in mind that, ideally, these would not be for every map.   ---   Mills bomb -> No. 69 grenade,   No. 74 ST grenade -> Thermos grenade,   Mk. II -> Mk. 3 grenade,   M1 Carbine (engineer) -> M1903A1,   PPsH-41 35rd -> PPsH-41 71rd,   MP40 -> StG44 (on late-war maps), boltguns using sniper reloading animations (loading each round individually) -> charger clips, PPs-43 or M38 carbine for Russian engineers (although I recognize that certain units may have used either exclusively)
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Re: Weapon Unlocks Progression System??
« Reply #1 on: 30-10-2021, 17:10:46 »
I was thinking about this last night but not to the same degree...i.e. more subtle.

for example

Beyond a certain rank one should get

1 extra smoke for Squad leaders. (but only two can be live at any one time, as it currently is)

Extra clip of pistol ammo for SL/s or other kits with pistols.

1 extra mine for Engineers. (but only on larger/african maps. 5 isnt enough on sidi rezgh for e.g, desert maps have less statics overall and placing mines seems always like a waste of time. It is hardly rewarding waiting a 40mins only for a tank to drive thru your minefield because your 5 mines are 10 in-game meters apart.)

Binocs for AT. (perhaps with ability to place arty markers removed).

Small things that only add a little bit more weight to a ww2 typical loadout.

While this would make 'deployed' loadouts not exactly historically accurate, whats not to say a hypothetical soldier would not make use of things found on the field? Soldiers would definately grab a pair of binocs from an enemy combatant in ww2, it's not unrealistic. A nice touch would be make the binocs at spawn, that of the opposing team.   ;D
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