Author Topic: M1 Garand fire sound  (Read 315 times)

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M1 Garand fire sound
« on: 03-09-2020, 20:09:00 »
I honestly loved the old M1 Garand firing sound more than the new Band of Brothers-inspired one. It had more punch and (as someone who has an actual M1) it was far more realistic. Any chance of restoring the previous sound effects?

just to clarify, i'm talking about this one:
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Re: M1 Garand fire sound
« Reply #1 on: 05-09-2020, 14:09:39 »
Fun fact: I used old firing sounds and only added action sounds on top of the exact sound it used before, but since this change received quite a lot of negative feedback, I decided to rework them to add a bit more punch to the gun. Sounds should resemble the old firing sounds a bit more. This change will be included in the upcoming 2.6 patch, but since sounds can be modified client side, you can replace the existing sounds in your:


Sounds are available on our Discord, you can download them here.

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Re: M1 Garand fire sound
« Reply #2 on: 19-09-2020, 18:09:49 »
I was wondering about that too!  Thanks for the suggestion, Jan.