Author Topic: The Great thread of Movies/Documentaries regarding WW1/WW2/Other conflicts  (Read 28021 times)

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Bankier van het Verzet (Banker of the Resistance)

The latest Dutch warmovie, and like most Dutch warmovies it's about the occupation and the resistance, rather than about any military actions. Therefore, there is not much action going on although some of the raids on resistance groups are very violent. The story is about Walraven van Hall, a banker who headed an organisation specialised in bankfraud in order to fiance the resistance: members of the resistance, people who didn't want to be deoprted to Germany to work, Jews, railwaymen, all these were sought after by the SD (German Secret Police/intelligence) and while they were in hiding they still needed to eat of course. To finance all this (the amounts went into millions of guilders - nowadays it would be something like half a billion Euros) Van Hall and his brother set up a scheme with loans that have to be repaid by the Dutch government after the liberation. This is based on a real story, the guy actually existed and saved a whole lot of lives by making surviving in hiding possible. There was not much praise for this type of resistance worker in the years right after the war, so it's good he is getting the attention he deserves now. Better late than never. Most characetrs in the film are a bit one dimensional, but I disagree with a historian who wrote that the old black and white differntitation of 60s and 70s warmovies was back. Some characters portrayed the dilemmas regular people had to deal with during occupation, and others portray the weakness of most guys who got caught by the SD. I knew most of this story beforehand, so there weren't many surprises, but although this might not be a masterpiece, it's stil worth watching to see a not very well kown side of the resistance during the 40-45 occupation.