Author Topic: Old Map maker, craving some new creating.  (Read 164 times)

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Old Map maker, craving some new creating.
« on: 30-12-2019, 10:12:02 »
Hi, it's RedSand here, I was a member of both the FH and FH2 scene, I took part in many forgotten honor campaigns for FH1, my favourite being indo-asia fighting as my native Australian army, I was also a part of the 2{AIF} clan, which seems to be disbanded. I got my start with mapping with BF42 and I made a few maps for personal lan parties for FH1 and uploaded 1 or 2 to the BF1942 Files. Not sure if any of these sites or figures are still about. I worked closely with RussianComrade, a mapping and AI legend for BFV. Eventually I found my niche making ANZAC and SVSAC themed maps for the BFV mod BFV: Arsenal, which was kind of the forgotten hope of BFV, I had a few featured maps on for that mod, two of which I learned and crafted my own AI mapping for. I created and submitted some onofficial WIP maps for BF2, BF2:PoE, PR and FH2, none were ever released but an old desert town themed map I made for FH2 played with my friends was uploaded to the BF Files, besides that I never had any other content released for FH2. Now the game is in it's golden years, it seems development continues and I have some visions for ANZAC inspired maps (giving the engine overhauls and new ram limitations I think I could make some truly amazing maps, themed around smaller battles of Tubrok, based on the memoirs of Robert Kelly and the Capture of Hamburg by British back ANZAC troops) for FH2 I'd love to work on. Hows the mod/map making content available for FH2? Is there public modding content out there? Is there a model mesh packs and texture packs like there was for 42/FH1? I know everything will be here on the forums but if anyone can bring an old dog up to speed on things in the modding FH2 world, I'd love the insight and any resources you can link me up with. I haven't even been able to get FH2 running as of the moment lol, but I'll get that fixed, fire up the map maker and see what the import process is like. I've forgotten so much, but I haven't Forgotten Hope of making the map content I always dreamed of in the detail it deserves!

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Re: Old Map maker, craving some new creating.
« Reply #1 on: 31-12-2019, 00:12:42 »
While the engine is definitely still limited, I think now is as good of a time as ever to start mapping for FH2.
One of the FH2 developers (TS4ever) has released a video series on making a map for FH2 that I recommend viewing. He probably answers a lot of the questions you have/will have in the series. (Part 1)

Once you get the game working, I recommend getting the editor working, all the files that are necessary get extracted, and also, I'd install bfmeshview. This is a very handy tool for viewing/editing static models. (Version 2.5.3)

For setting up the editor and extracting files, refer to the following link.

Anyways, good luck and above all have fun!

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Re: Old Map maker, craving some new creating.
« Reply #2 on: 31-12-2019, 00:12:24 »
Hi, from a fellow Aussie! Playing a map involving the battles of Kokoda in New Guinea would be the ultimate goal for me. I remember playing a similar map in Forgotten Hope years ago. Best of luck with your goals.

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Re: Old Map maker, craving some new creating.
« Reply #3 on: 02-01-2020, 00:01:25 »
Welcome back. Join up in discord, it's always quicker to throw information back and  forth there.
There's also a community mod called CMP going on. Which currently mostly aims on the pacific campaign. Some indo-asia maps would be great fun to include in that.

CMP mod discussions mostly take place on cmp-gaming.con discord, so join up there as well.