Author Topic: Points for flying the scout plane / Punkte für's fliegen des Spähflugzeugs  (Read 301 times)

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Hello and
merry Christmas to everyone!

I like to suggest that you should get point for using the scout plane.
The scout plane (like the Piper) is very valuable for the whole team and flying it is so monotones, but you don't even get a single point for your service.
Last round on lebisey (german side) I used it the entire round and our tanks were well informed about the enemy infantry and tank movement.

Is it possible to make it maybe like spotting for arty?
For every infantrymen or tank that gets killled because of your spotting, you could get some assistance points.
Maybe 1 point for a infantrymen and 2 points for a tank kill.

I realy like using the scout plane and i think you should at lessst get some kind of reward for your service.

What do you think about it?


Hallo und
Fröhliche Weihnachten an alle!

Ich möchte vorschlagen, dass man Punkte für die Verwendung des Spähflugzeugs bekommen sollte.
Das Spähflugzeug (wie der Piper) ist sehr wertvoll für das gesamte Team und es ist so monoton zu fliegen, aber man bekommt nicht einmal einen einzigen Punkt für seinen Dienst.
Bei der letzten Runde Lebisey habe ich es die ganze Runde benutzt und unsere Panzer waren gut über die feindliche Infanterie und Panzerbewegung informiert.

Kann man es vielleicht so machen, wie als würde man für die Artillerie spotten?
Für jeden Infanteristen oder Panzer, der wegen deiner Beobachtung getötet wird, könntest du Unterstützungspunkte bekommen.
Vielleicht 1 Punkt für einen Infanteristen und 2 Punkte für eine Panzer zerstörung.

Ich benutze das Spähflugzeug sehr gerne und ich denke, du solltest eine Art Belohnung für deinen Dienst bekommen.

Was denkt ihr darüber?

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I totally agree.
Yet, i think the second seat is already capable of spotting.

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I totally agree that you should get reward for using spotter planes, and I think it was discussed before. I'm not sure what could be implemented and how, that's the main problem here. Spotting enemies should be rewarded more in general, also when you're on foot, but I'm not sure if there is a system that can't be abused by players. Imagine getting 1+ point for each spot, people would then constantly spot the same vehicle, get extra score and increase the radio spam drastically, can it be reduced to 1 point per vehicle so you can't get point again if enemy was already spotted? Not sure. Assistance score is a nice idea too, but currently that works only when you damage the vehicle in question, not sure if you can give someone assistance score in any other way. 

I totally agree.
Yet, i think the second seat is already capable of spotting.
Passenger can do that, yes. I think both seats are actually capable of doing so, you need to press RMB to use the bottom binocs-like view from which you can mark targets for the artillery

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I agree with Schwarze though as jan says it isn't that evident to implement.

I hope one day FH2 implements the SL's receiving points system tried on CMP events, too