Author Topic: Can't Join a server.  (Read 170 times)

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Can't Join a server.
« on: 08-12-2019, 20:12:42 »
Hello guys,

This issue is about a friend trying to join the game. He's been trying to join Forgotte Hope 2 on multiplayer but has been having conexion issues. He could join in the past, but after changing his router, FH2 has become unplayable for him as he gets the same error over and over when trying to join a server. He can join locally. He know it's a router or ports thingie becauase he tried in every computer at home, and every single one of those gave him problems. I provide you here a pic about the error:

We think it's a port related issue. We tried to solve it with @SgtAlex but no succes so far. He understand english and I can be intermediate anyway if someone offers a  live-helping hand as odball can share screen. He uses Windows10. Thanks

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