Author Topic: I am now receiving medals in an offline game. Can anyone explain ?  (Read 151 times)

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This could have something to do with having installed BF2Statistics Control Center v2.3.5 but i turned that off as I was having trouble with it. AFAIK none of it's servers are running and I removed it's stats python files using its GUI. Nation at War is also showing medals on achievements in an Coop game with one human player also with (as in FH as well) an offline single player account.

How is this even possible ?

I've never even seen a Forgotten Medal before !  ??? ??? ???

But this is amazing !  ;D ;D

So I'm receiving medals in an FH Coop game using an offline account. I have not logged into any stats servers. I'll examine my python files tomorrow as the only explanation I can come up with is that something new was added there.

So above is my first FH medal ever and I am proud, LOL  :o
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