Author Topic: New vehicles from existing models (and some) for current maps (FH2 2.54)  (Read 364 times)

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I imagine there are no much modelers active, which means less chances of seeing new vehicles from 0.
Hence, it makes sense to discuss what vehicles could be done from existing models in FH2 (which obviously takes hard work from Seth Soldier, Stubbfan, Matt Baker and others).
Here is my list, the devs are all aware of them for sure, but I wonder how mistaken, or not, I am:


-Sd.Kfz. 250/9 "alt" (the turret is already made in the Sd.Kfz. 222, it saw action with the 116th Pz. Div. in Normandy)
-Sd.Kfz. 251/2 (the Hanomag with a Granatewerfer 34)
-Sd.Kfz. 251/6 (this one was made once, and lost in a CTD right?)
-Sd.Kfz. 251/22 (really useful in Seelow and other late war maps, would depict the improvisation of the german industry in late war)
-Sd.Kfz. 232 (as a command post with guns, not sure about this, because of "no fighting commander" rule)
-Sd.Kfz. 234/1 (as a replacement of Sd.Kfz. 222 and 231 in late maps as Eppeldorf and Studienka)
-Jagdpanzer IV L/48 (this one can't be difficult from the L/70 right?, and there were lots of them in Normandy)
-Tiger I Ausf. H "mid" (taking the rubbered wheels from the early model and "paste" ;D them in the late model, replacing the full steel ones, easy pitsy!  :P)

*Soviet Union

-M5A1 Half Track
-Universal Carrier with PTRD or PTRS (dunno which one)
-ZiS-30 (I know, just for 1941 map/s)
-M4A2 76(w) (both Shermans for Berlin map?)
-T-34/85 M1943 (this one could be easy, if only the "normal" T-34 wheels were modelled instead of the "holed" ones...)
-KV-85 (KV-1S with T-34/85 M1943 turret)
-IS-2 M1944
-OT-34/76 M1943
-OT-34/85 (honestly, no idea where the soviet flamethrower tanks fought)


-M4 or M4A1 Mortar Carrier (the M3A1 half-track with a 81mm mortar)
-T19 Howitzer Motor Carriage (can be useful in Sidi Bou Zid, and it was present in FH1)


-Churchill Mk. V (the 95mm gun is already made in Cromwell Mk. VI)
-Sherman III (=M4A2)

I didn't mention other models like the Panther Ausf. D, the Semovente M42 da 75/34 or the Hotchkiss H35 and H38 because currently there are no maps for them AFAIK

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Good points, especially about the mid and stop-gap productions.
I'd like to add StuG III Ausf. G "mid" to the wish list, since the "late" version (10.1944→) is a bit too late to appear on Arad and Goodwood. Evidently, "earlies" were still around until summer of '44 - but this "mid" type would have been the most commonly seen variant in France.

Basically, you would just need an early Ausf G. with sprocket wheel, cupola shot deflector and 80mm homogeneous frontal armor from the late model, completed with MIAG (grid) Zimmerit. NO need for coaxial on the box mantlet, since it wasn't really a thing until later 1944.
To make things more exciting, the loader's MG 34 could be replaced with MG 42 (or not):

And one slightly nitpicky request:

The final production features (five Pilze-mounts and Nahverteidigungswaffe) visible on the roof of StuG III (early), StuH 42 and StuG IV should be removed, as were introduced no earlier than October 1944

refer: Peter Müller - Sturmgeschütz III Vol. 1 & 2, various Panzerwrecks

Again - thanks to the developers, beta-testers, admins for all the hard work.

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Maybe a mod could move this to the suggestion forum.

A lot of those things would be cool to have honestly, but the cost/ benefit ratio is not good atm. Right now we only have 1 active dev (Stubbfan) who’s good at exporting vehicles and he’s got a lot on his plate atm. (some of the stuff is for exporting new vehicles so that’s good :D ) I think Seth has some exporting experience too but he’s also working on other things. I’m trying to learn how to do that stuff myself but it’s quite involved :P

Some of the other things to think about when adding these “more rare” vehicles;
What map could use the right now? And does it fit on that map gameplay wise? Also, we don’t want to lean too far towards the realm of “secret weapons” where all of our maps feature something unique even tho it wasn’t that common on the battlefield ;D

Like the T19 mobile arty for Sidi Bou Zid; it would be awesome to have that vehicle, but can’t the arty in the main base basically hit all points on the map anyway? If it can’t hit the front flags then maybe a T-19 could benefit the Americans on that map by allowing the artillery greater range. And if that’s the case, maybe we have to think about removing 1 arty piece at main to keep the arty spam to a minimum. Things like that are cool to discuss.

If anything it’s a cool list to have for future reference if someone has time to add something :)
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