Vote for 5 maps!

Siege of Tobruk
Fall of Tobruk
Alam Halfa
El Alamein
Sidi Bou Zid
Pointe Du Hoc
Gold Beach
Omaha Beach
Purple Heart Lane
Operation Goodwood
Operation Totalize
Hurtgen Forest
Dukla Pass
Seelow Heights

Voting closes: 21-04-2019, 19:04:43

Author Topic: What would YOU like to play in FHGN #24?  (Read 137 times)

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What would YOU like to play in FHGN #24?
« on: 13-04-2019, 19:04:43 »
We are heading towards another FH Game Night, which will be held on saturday 27th April. Further details will be posted in the proper announcement thread once the poll closes. This poll will run until sunday 21st.

Last time we played only 32 player versions of the maps and it turned out quite fun and new, since many of us havent got to experience these map sizes with many people and after a rather slow start, we picked up speed and had a really great turnout. Thank you for participating and giving me a reason to host these events, since after all, these are for You!

Gimmick for this event is: I will only let you to vote for maps themselves. Using superior algorithms and RNG's I will then determit which size we are going to play of the each map. You can influence the decision by posting a good reason why a certain size of the map(s) you voted for should be chosen!

You can discuss this upcoming GN or previous GN's in this thread (note; this thread will be deleted once poll closes) or if you are a cool kid, in our discord server!

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Re: What would YOU like to play in FHGN #24?
« Reply #1 on: 14-04-2019, 02:04:38 »
Woohoo, the 27th I come back and can play!  ;D ;D ;D

For Omaha I'd like the 64 version, maybe on a GN we can get people to do organised attacks and break the German stalemate.

For Eppeldorf and Ihatala I'd like the smaller versions (32 Eppel and 16 Ihantala) because I like the nightversions of these maps to get more attention. Can you say "muzzleflash"?