Author Topic: Vast Variety of Violence - Part 4 - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update  (Read 702 times)

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A render coming at 1900 UTC tonight.

Vast Variety of Violence - Part 4

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A beautiful rifle, great job Seth! :D

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There can never be enough Shermans Springfields!

Nice job.
This sentence is intentionally left unfinished...

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It's always nice to see new weapons and variations of such being added to the game.

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Awesome! Which maps will this rifle be available on? As a kit selection or a pickup kit?

While we're at it I would also like to ask another question about early-WW2 US gear: Was the brodie helmet used in combat duty by the US military in the early stages of the war? Is it possible to see it on US playermodels in FH2?

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Brodie was used pretty much only in the pacific by the US. By the time they landed in North Africa, the army troops all had the M1 helmets.
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