Author Topic: What am i doing wrong "NO MAPS" in FH 2 shows UP !  (Read 171 times)

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I downloaded the FH 2 and it  installed ok and i went and started  the game loaded and went thru the normal things and i selected " single player " progressed and then i was supposed to a choose a map and theirs No maps showing....what have i done wrong ?      I have  BF 2 installed and it runns fine...Please reply and help me.......Thank you.
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Re: What am i doing wrong "NO MAPS" in FH 2 shows UP !
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From your story, it sounds that you have installed the game correctly, as it appears that you can start it.

If you want to play singleplayer, you should go to the multiplayer tab, than start local server in coop mode. Then you can play many maps with bots. This may sound unintuitive and it is, but it gives you more options on teambalance and difficulty, as the original standard bf2 single player tab.