Author Topic: Necessary to generate a new navmesh when creating 16p & 32p co-op layers?  (Read 153 times)

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I'm wanting to create some 16p & 32p layers for many of the existing maps which have co-op support, being that most of them are 64p only and my laptop can only handle around 44 bots. Also bots don't do too well with large complex maps + lots of vehicles, however they do quite well on infantry only maps. 
Before I get into it, is it necessary to generate entirely new navmeshes for making 32p & 16p layers on a map which only has 64p? Like, can I just draw a new combat area, create new strategic areas(, and new waypoints without worrying about the the AIPathfinding? 
Thanks everyone for the help.

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You can work with the original navmesh, as long as the navmesh covers the area you define within your 16 and 32 size layers.