Author Topic: [Guide] X-Fi - Ultra High Sound quality on Sound Blaster audio cards 2018  (Read 1686 times)

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Havent been geeking the game audio for some time, but been using these settings for more than a year. Suits my headphones and ears great     

rem ** Balance between 2d and 3d samples.
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-default" 0.55
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-eax" 0.5

rem ** Reverb and obstruction (0.55->1 sound-maxreverb 0.55)
vars.set sound-maxreverb 0.55
vars.set sound-reverb-steepness 0.55
vars.set sound-raylength 17

Interesting. Is there a EAX designer app out there somewhere ? Then the ".eax" definition file could be tuned for each level.