Author Topic: NVIDIA, Anti Aliasing and the Wounded/Suppression Shaders  (Read 171 times)

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Hey community,

didn't want to necro an old thread about this but I just fired up FH2 for the first time in a while to test out the new stuff and noticed that I could not see the good old wounded shader anymore.

I am running a Zotac GTX770 with 4GB VRAM newest driver 416.34 installed of course.

With FH2/BF2 AA enabled, usually none of the gameplay-relevant shaders of FH2 ever worked for me. That is: Suppression and Wounded. Without AA, they do work. But the game looks very bad without AA.

So usually I just disabled the ingame video options' AA and forced an external 8x MSAA with my Nvidia control panel. That did let me see the wounded shader, but still not the suppression mechanic.

Now, forcing MSAA with the control panel doesn't work anymore. No AA will be applied ingame anymore. FXAA works, but looks bad of course. A clean reinstall of the driver did not help. Nvidia Inspector did not help, I tried a bunch of options but to no avail. nHancer doesn't work on Win10 anymore. External SMAA with third party tools such as ReShade offers no real alternative.

Can someone confirm that behaviour? Did someone find a solution maybe? Any help or advice is appreciated.