Author Topic: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54  (Read 1098 times)

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Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« on: 26-10-2018, 09:10:32 »
Hello guys,
Singleplayer Change logs:

Lenino 64p / Lenino 32p

The 64p single player version of Lenino was too memory heavy and caused memory CTD after 15-20 minutes playing. I changed the 64 layer to the above version in order to have a stable SP layer. As you can see there is no planes for Germans. Poles will have Polikarov to fight against the Ferdinand, which spawns as a reinforcement when Poles capture first two flags.

Studienka 64p / Studienka 32p

Post here your suggestion and feedback. Thanks!
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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #1 on: 26-10-2018, 09:10:43 »
People who only have a public forum account (like me) can't see your screenshots (posted in the fhforum) ;)

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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #2 on: 26-10-2018, 09:10:57 »
Thanks, now should be fixed..

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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #3 on: 26-10-2018, 16:10:05 »
Great job! I enjoy the Eastern Front maps in SP a lot! A couple of things; tanks get jammed around Moiseevo in Lenino, and Studienka crashes after a few minutes of gameplay only on the Soviet side. Does not occur when played on the German side.
Will post more issues if I notice new ones.

Will the other EF maps be available for singleplayer in the future?

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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #4 on: 28-10-2018, 15:10:24 »
Great job, a lovely addition to the game, looking forward to more! Some feedback:

I can confirm that there are some areas where tanks love to get jammed. At the North-Western CP on the Studienka Map for example.

One issue you should take a look at that is easily fixable within a minute are the python errors on coop mode due to uncapturable base CPs having strategic neighbors (the ai will try to issue attack orders).

Also, to improve the experience in push modes, try to assign priority values to frontline CPs in the file, so that at the start of a round the AI will prefer to spawn at the frontline and not leave the first CPs on a road uncontested (Studienka 32 layer for instance).

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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #5 on: 29-10-2018, 03:10:22 »
Studienka - Played as Germans (based on above report of CTD if playing as Russians)
-Both sides pretty good about capping and defending western points (the battle didn't go much to the east of the bridge, as there were a lot less Germans to help with balance!)
-German tanks didn't bottleneck as far as I could tell, outside of sometimes taking a long, slow approach to the river crossing and the first westernmost bridge outside of the German base (the really narrow one).  They WILL cross it, but they take their time.
-Russian tanks kept showing up, so I'm assuming they're not getting stuck in any significant way.
-Some German tanks will load up at base and then proceed to idle.  Maybe just under half?  From my two playthroughs, it happened with Panthers and IVs.

All in all, it was a lot of fun.  AI was competitive enough and used their equipment and vehicles to a fair degree.  I wish a few more of the German tanks would've joined the battle rather than sitting at home base, but most of them did and would eventually find their way to the bridge, even if slowing/stopping every now and then at chokepoints.

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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #6 on: 29-10-2018, 19:10:14 »
Hi guys,

I need volunteers to test some changes I made on Studienka 32.
 - fix python error
 - increase the temperature value of first three GE flags. Now we have more intensive fight around first three
Put file into studienka / / gamemode / sp2 / 32 / AI /
Download link:
Post here Studienka 32 feedback.

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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #7 on: 30-10-2018, 18:10:42 »
So, I tested the updated version of Studienka 32, 2 complete rounds with 53 bots, I successively played both sides.
I didn’t experience any CTD.
If played as Russian, due to the important numbers of t34, it doesn’t take long to capture the entire village. Once the east part of the map captured, the germans aren’t spawning on Bryli so it remains undefended and quickly the fight resumes to a confrontation on the bridge between the Fuel Dump and Napoleon Point.
On the German side, the experience is greatly improved, nothing to report.
I must say I really enjoyed the rounds on both sides, the atmosphere of the map is excellent, thank you for adding coop support !

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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #8 on: 30-10-2018, 21:10:37 »
Studienka Coop/64 there is a Bot Bug with the Wespe.
Had two CTDs, 1 driving a PzIVH and saw the neighbouring Wespe
stopping during advance, next was CTD.
A second time I seated Wespe as Driver (F1), drove to the Bridge and
wanted to aim for a target (exit), back in the Wespe suddenly (F2) was seated by a Bot.
Next was a cut view of the Wespe with the 2nd Seat Bot, immediate CTD.

Red side no CTDs experienced.
I would preferr some more Pickup Kits when cap flag changes.
So some Kits selection for both sides. Some Ammo Boxes though... please

Lenino 34
Good setup, working fluently, well balanced.
Pick up Kits, vital statics, Ammo Boxes ...please

Lenino 64
unbalanced, if it's the CP layout, the bottleneck Map layout,
the red side Tank superiority or the absence of Pick Up Kits
or any form of FH2 supply (Static Ammo Truck or Ammo Box),
vital statics, ...please

Blue side is a pain to play, the long tank way to combat,
their limited number, compared to the frequency of red side tanks spawning.
I survived 4-5 waves and searched the Map for Ammo to rearm my
empty PzIVH. Hard job tobash the Ferdinand forward, just to
get caught by the T-34 hordes if you're out of Ammo.
Sad that this overcasts the nice Map and inventory you can't enjoy.
32 layout shows this Map can live, if treated different from the base strategy.

Anyway, good job on these Maps bringing them to Coop.
Thanks a lot
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Re: Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« Reply #9 on: 24-11-2018, 21:11:45 »
Finally tried Lenino 32/64.

Overall thoughts:
-Awesome map.  One of the nicest-looking Eastern Front ones.  I love the setup and it feels so chaotic but yet so structured.  Only played each twice but it was excellent.  Really like the setup of the hill.
-As Knoch mentioned, the map did seem a BIT sparse of pickup kits, but they're out there.  I saw an AT gun kit, a pilot kit, an ammo k98, and a Russian kit with a stick grenade in the town.  Maybe a couple more would help?
-German AI immediately gives orders to attack the Polish positions, which are uncappable. Not sure if intentional... it DOES get them out of their defensive positions and shooting quickly, but it also sends them into rather open territory to quickly die.

Lenino 32
-AI doesn't seem to attack on all fronts.  They pick a point, focus everything on it, and then move on.  Likewise, the opposing AI will spawn at a point to defend, but leave other points open.  This is especially evident early on.
-Had a weird bug where when the hill was recaptured by the Germans, the Poles that spawned in the Lenino church wouldn't leave, and eventually it was full.  Couldn't replicate it, so maybe a one-off.
-AI not as strong with vehicle use on either side.  Lots of slow movement and bottlenecking.

Lenino 64
-AI DOES attack on all fronts (which was nice!)
-The Germans DO have a pretty hard time getting their tanks into the action... pathfinding infantry do pretty well, but the tanks are incredibly sluggish to leave the base.  They seem to not really enter the action until Germany is pushed back to it's final point.  By then, they cruise out, often recap the hill, and then get knocked out by T34s and the pattern continues.
-Should Germany have a way to knock out the Polish plane?  Otherwise, it drops its bombs and cruises around doing nothing for the rest of the time.
-In general, I found this version to be more fun and more balanced... the Germans just need to use their tanks earlier, I think.