Author Topic: Monitor is 4k, but I want BF2 to render at 1080p  (Read 313 times)

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Monitor is 4k, but I want BF2 to render at 1080p
« on: 23-09-2018, 01:09:04 »
Hello everyone.
I have this probably very specific problem to which I have not found a solution that is satisfying to me, so I figured I'd ask if any of you guys know a better one. The situation is as follows:
My main monitor is 4k, which is nice for work etc, but I play my games generally at 1080p, because I highly prefer framerate over resolution. In most modern games, I run them at 4k but set the render resolution to 0.5x.
Now, the BF2 engine does not have such a setting, or at least I was unable to find one. Hence, I'd have to set the game to a resolution of 1080p. Which would be fine, except that I have a second monitor and all the placements of windows on it get messed up if the primary monitor changes its resolution.
So, my question would be, is there any better way to achieve BF2 being fullscreen (or borderless windowed) on my 4k monitor while having it render at 1080p?

Thank you very much!
- Phil.