Author Topic: Villers-Bocage crash on load, Singleplayer, FH 2.53  (Read 80 times)

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Hello everybody! Some time ago I've been sugested to get the latest 2.53 version and launch it properly via the official FH launcher, so I did. I've already played some maps and everything is ok on them, but now I try to start Villers-Bocage, it loads, shows the terrain for a second, then crashes. Why and how can I fix it? The launsher says that I have the latest version of the mod, proper version of BF2 and all that.

The thing is - there were totally no crashes on FH 2.48 that I launched through the menu in exactly the same BF2.

Update: somehow it is fixed now. I pressed "Repair" in launcher, it downloaded 3 Mbytes of something and now the map starts (and the background picture of the launcher has changed). I downloaded the mod with official torrent link, so I guess it doesn't include the latest fixes or something. Strange thing is that the fix is donwloaded by Repair function, not by Update function.

Update 2: I played it once, but now it's crashing on load again.  >:(
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