Author Topic: Anyone have these maps "FH2 Conversion SP/Coop Mappack #1" (FH2_SP_MP1.exe) ?  (Read 350 times)

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I can't find these downloads anywhere especially the "Mappack #1".

BF-GAMES.NET: FH2 Conversion SP/Coop Mappack #1

BF-GAMES.NET: Forgotten Hope 2 Maps

Some are very old (2007) but have SP/Coop support. if they don;t work out of the box I guess they could be updated for latest FH.

Anyone ?

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I don't have them anymore.

Kasserine is the only real good suiting Map, but even in our
COOP/SP refurbished Format a rough diamond.
I tinkered a lot and found the default Controlpoints setup,
too few to get fluid Gameplay and sort of Balance.
Vast areas of this Map unused.
Fighting ensued always at the same locations, for COOP this is a fun killer.
First run on CPs is OK, but tirelessly long. Hence with a limited
Kit, Vehicle Park, it's utterly annoying.

Code: [Select]
if v_arg1 == host

   rem [ControlPoint: US_Base]
   Object.create US_Base
   Object.absolutePosition -455.028/24.662/686.797
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: MEC_base]
   Object.create MEC_base
   Object.absolutePosition 589.349/23.117/-479.813
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Mountain_Camp]
   Object.create Mountain_Camp
   Object.absolutePosition 103.871/45.474/-24.368
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Djebbas]
   Object.create Djebbas
   Object.absolutePosition -116.351/50.106/-723.039
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Hachem]
   Object.create Hachem
   Object.absolutePosition 361.243/37.650/495.563
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Village]
   Object.create Village
   Object.absolutePosition -115.800/23.673/-112.406
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Kampfgruppe_Afrika_Korps]
   Object.create Kampfgruppe_Afrika_Korps
   Object.absolutePosition -622.362/34.006/-524.575
   Object.layer 1

I placed two more CPs and it turned out better.
My Skills are limited as for making it perfect and turn this Maplayout into sth. better.
My Editor stopped working so this is what I got with it.
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