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3 Menu Questions
« on: 12-12-2017, 20:12:29 »
Hello there,

I have 3 random questions for a wizard out there, on game settings chosen prior to a battle.  I'm asking these questions primarily because I'm making loads of tweaks to files and have to keep going into a battle to test them, so hopefully answers to the below will speed up the process overall.

1) Currently, when I click on the 'Multiplayer' tab, the first sub-tab loaded up is 'Join Local'.  Is there a way to change that so that clicking on 'Multiplayer' will bring up 'Create Local' first? 

2) When I click the 'Create Local' sub-tab, the first battle type I see listed is 'Conquest'.  Is there a way to change that to bring up 'Coop' battle types first?

3) Is there a way to change the default team loaded at the start of an SP (coop) round?  At the moment it will put me on the Allied team, to choose an Allied kit/spawnpoint etc.  Is there a way of starting out, by default, with the Axis?