Author Topic: Isnt it time to make FH standalone?  (Read 570 times)

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Re: Isnt it time to make FH standalone?
« Reply #15 on: 10-09-2017, 18:09:17 »
So you are us telling that standalone version would not bring any new players (that will learn the game and stay) or is it just a poor excuse?  ;)

Of course what you said Seth is (partially) true, but I can bet that standalone would bring quite a lot of new players, since making FH2 a standalone game would make the game promotion you mentioned so much easier. With a standalone installer you can focus on promoting FH2 via facebook for example, what is super easy if one want to do it properly, and from there you can make FH2 being downloadable with just one click, without the need of looking for a BF2 copy, installing any 3rd party installers, launchers, messing with illegal CD keys etc.

All the interested newcomer will have to do to get the game is just a one click on the facebook fanpage (you can set a special button for that purpose). It's really hard for me to understand why you guys haven't done that yet, because current way of installing this mod is still pain in the ass (especially for modern standards).

There are still WW2 geeks out there who would be blown away by all the content and quality FH2 has. Whenever I see a new guy in game, and they still pop up fortunately, they say only positive things about your mod. Don't waste that opportunity.

Came in here to basically post this.  I still run into brand new players when I have a chance to hop into the servers- there is no better WW2 Mp game on the market in terms of accuracy and content.  Yes there is a steep learning curve, but is an addictive learning curve as well.

FH2 as a standalone would be amazing, I just don't know that it is possible given the BF2 engine's rights.