Author Topic: VC Firefly - Bring back the special rounds and add more VCs to maps  (Read 161 times)

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Gone are the special rounds of the Sherman VC Firefly...

The DEVs have a done a good job of upgrading the armor configs; but they still don't properly account for the shear greater number of allied armor on the battlefields (i.e. during WWII). 

Today, nearly every allied tank gets killed by one shot from panthers and tigers, and most panzer IV attempts... Its sad that I get two rounds on a panzer; then it kills me with one shot as an afterthought (damage indicators showing which way the rounds are coming from).  That wasn't so in the days of the special round for VC Fireflys.

The 90mm rounds that were recently added to some of the allied tanks suck worse than the original VC Firefly special round.  I've hit a small german armored car 3 times with a 90mm and it just pushed it sideways (no kill).

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APDS rounds for the 17 pounder were not issued to Fireflies, only to tank destroyers. So you have to use the Achilles to get them.