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Building System
« on: 09-05-2017, 22:05:34 »
Many Multiplayer and Singleplayer war games have building system now.
Project reality world war 2 has one, and squad.
But if you consider making one you should make it like Squad has.

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Re: Building System
« Reply #1 on: 09-05-2017, 22:05:19 »
I don't think you'll see a building system in FH2 for a few reasons;

1) There's a lot of work/ testing involved with implementing something that changes gameplay so drastically. The devs aren't focusing on revolutionizing gameplay that much right now.

2) A building system like Squad/ PR doesn't really mesh well with FH2's style of play. FH2 isn't geared towards strategy in the same sense as those games. Gameplay is much faster than PR where the slower pace allows people to strategize and take the time to create spawn points with their team before going into battle.

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Re: Building System
« Reply #2 on: 10-05-2017, 12:05:17 »
My own philosophy is: FH2 is about the battle, not the preparation before. All defenses are already set.

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Re: Building System
« Reply #3 on: 10-05-2017, 21:05:43 »
Maybe we should include rescuing hostages as a game mode because CS has it... ;D

On a serious note, why should we be able to build more defences and concealment when we don't even use the already existing ones. As an example we can have a look at Omaha-MGs are covering EVERY single bit of that beach, yet so many people are runing away from them like a Devil from incense.

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Re: Building System
« Reply #4 on: 11-05-2017, 07:05:49 »
The tournament guys had some limited system where the SL could place barricades or something.  It fell out of favor or didn't keep up with FH2 updates.  You can always ask the CMP guys to try and bring it back.