Author Topic: Tirpitz Tallboy tea party?  (Read 170 times)

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Tirpitz Tallboy tea party?
« on: 30-03-2017, 05:03:08 »
Doing some preliminary research on the Allied raid on the Tirpitz, and think it'd make for a pretty fun MP map... Models will definitely take time to create, but I might buy some premades if I find any good enough. Don't know much about mapping, I'm more of a sound design guy... But think it could be done if I put my mind to it and learn. Tirpitz was basically stationary and tucked away in one of the fjords under some pretty well placed AA sites and generated smoke cover. Flak crews saw you long before you saw them. Perhaps it could be a DE defend/UK attack setup with the same emplaced AA batteries on the fjord ridges as well as on the ship itself? Damage model and overall physical data for the Tallboys shouldn't be too hard to create. Would have some standard FH2 bombs as well. Each Tallboy used will take time to respawn, and maybe have an actual altitude limit in place to give some extra balance, so aim well. (Tough, but not impossible to do. Former USAF TACP...I called bombs in on a-holes all day for 5 years)  Ship will have insanely high HP, but won't be impossible to kill if you can get through the defenses, communicate with each other, and time your ordnance releases to make for the weaker points on deck or make sure your AA's have effective intersecting fields of fire. Might really help bring out teamwork for both sides. The defense AA and smoke machine crews need to take into account ammo consumption, and make repairs to maintain area denial. Bombers will have escort aircraft to conduct CAS missions and distract the defenders as they make their runs. Anyway, still just an idea but I'd like some input before I go further.
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