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Empty servers
« on: 25-03-2017, 02:03:42 »
Hi. its a while since ive been at this forum, but now i have something important to say. Im a big fan of FH 2, and its very important for me to continue to play this awesome game, but i see that the amount of players are decreasing. I notice that a lot of players are quitting when certain maps appear, and this is usually desert maps (pls dont stop to read here) :-\.
   I know that you have votes and debates here at the forum, but a lot of people never visit the forum, and some doesnt even know that it exists. It seems that new players actually check out this game. You may say that its their loss who doesnt make their opinions known, but the survival of FH 2 may be decided outside this forum (unless youre satisfied playing with 20 people).
   It seems, from the amount of people quitting, and the comments in the game chat, that desert maps are unpopular. Personally i like desert maps, but mostly i like crowded servers.
   My suggestion is that the amount of desert maps are reduced. I think it would help a lot if desert maps are played 50% less, or that map votes (just random ones) are integrated in the regular map-changes. Is either of these suggestions possible to make?
   I hope this is possible, cause if its not, i even suggest that desert maps are completely removed,  at least these maps: Sidi Rezigh, Siege of Tobruk, El Alamein, Alam Halfa, Keren, Gazala, Olympus (even if its not Africa), Mareth Line and Hyacinth (even if i love these two last map a lot). I guess this sounds terrible to many of you, but you really should consider actions against the loss of people at prime time. If like 2 or 3 of these maps are played in a row, youre almost certain that the server will be close to half.
   If you play FH 2 like once per month, you should let the decision fall to people who play it a lot, so the servers are populated. I beg u to consider these suggestions, or make a better idea yourself. At least try this for a short time and see if it helps.
   I hope you people in power may give us a solution that make FH 2 last. Thanks.

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Re: Empty servers
« Reply #1 on: 25-03-2017, 06:03:05 »
Highly unlikely that any maps would get removed from the mod at this stage. This is more a server admin subject than anything else.

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Re: Empty servers
« Reply #2 on: 25-03-2017, 09:03:34 »
...and after the Dev team have asked us to play the mod as it is on at least 1 Server
(no gameplay changes, all maps, no mods) - which we do on [762]#2 - it is not entirely
a server admin thing, either.

Normally, we do offer the CMP on #1 server to give you players a good degree of diversity.
So by that, you have a selection of maps of all theatres and the desert map density in the map
rotation pool is not too high. That map pool is what our map randomizer tool uses to pull the maps
for the generation of the daily map rotation from.

Atm this is suspended to get you players to help us test the current CMP BETA on [762]#3.
Yes, that means, that for the coming time, if you want other maps than the vanilla FH2 maps,
you have to play them on [762]#3 BETA test server. And give us feedback without which we
cannot get the new CMP maps to a playable level!

We know that some players won't get that - but we have no other way to play test the maps than
getting numbers of players on them at once. Like this Sunday on Server #3 at 19.00 UTC for the playtest.

We need to do that BEFORE we can put the current, new CMP BETA into a mixed rotation on Server #1
again, as you players are used to, Jobabb.

Personally even if I don't like all desert maps (some of them) - I feel that all should be in a FH2 server
rotation 1x per day, just like any other map should be in 1x. It is FH2. + It gets mixed each day anew on
#1 and #2 servers anyway. So you don't really see a 5-row-desert-map-cluster each day. Although that
can happen.

My advice to all quitters would be to

a) help us test the CMP so we can put that back into rotation soon.
= giving everyone more diversity. HOW:

b) report bugs on the FH2 standard desert maps and give improvement suggestions here in the feedback
area, so the devs can make them more playable.

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Kind Regards / MfG
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Re: Empty servers
« Reply #3 on: 25-03-2017, 20:03:20 »
Removing maps is not what most people would like:

And I also think that if we facilitate (too much) to the whiners/complainers, that the mod won't benefit at all. After all, most whining is not because of a certain subject, but because people want something to whine about. So if this "problem" gets "fixed" they will just find a new problem.

The best way to help out is by playing as good SLs on the desert maps, so newer players can keep spawning on you and are in the center of the action almost all the time. Don't fly as SL, don't sit in 1-slot weaponry, don't lock your squad and communicate: use VOIP and help them out.

This way they will learn that desert maps require a different playstyle, and they will become better FH2 players. Win-win.

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Re: Empty servers
« Reply #4 on: 26-03-2017, 15:03:45 »
I understand. But don`t forget my suggestion to play these maps 50% less. If that is possible to arrange, i think it would be the best win-win situation. Its not just that people complain, but that they quit.

(I will test the new CMP maps today)
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Re: Empty servers
« Reply #5 on: 29-03-2017, 06:03:09 »
They will all return when Forgotten Hope 3 is released  :-*