Author Topic: Bot's can't crouch to enter a bunker & OTHERS  (Read 281 times)

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Bot's can't crouch to enter a bunker & OTHERS
« on: 03-03-2017, 06:03:49 »
Hello. I forgot the map names, but there is something I was bothered. At first I can't enter the bunker but when I crouch, I can now enter the hole.

Though there is one thing when I cleared out a bunker(because there were two Nazis using mounted machinegun), I noticed that there were no enemies coming inside the bunker, and I showed up on the entrance, there were almost 20 enemies waiting outside. I used the windows to shoot down the enemies, then they just keep coming and coming, but still can't enter the bunker.

I can't have the thrill of my character being stabbed or shot to death by many enemies, because they can't even enter. Aside from that, here are some minor issues:
  • Webley MkVI - Smoothing error on the cylinder.
  • Anti-tank weapon deployed animation bug after firing then standing up at the same time.
  • At map 'Operation Hyacinth', lighting on the Lamp at spawnpoint that good but ok.