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MG42 sound
« on: 03-01-2017, 23:01:39 »
Good evening everyone!

I try for a long time now to replace the mg42 sound.

I did it for other MG or SMG but this one is Killing me!

I always have looping issue no matter what timing set for the cue points and regions.

I tried 0.926 (same value than original wav from the mod), 0.897, 0.800...

Each try includes to modify the pattern and I'm getting exhausted and hopeless with this MG42...

So can someone explains me where i'm wrong?

My file is 44100hz, 16bits, stereo (1p) and mono (3p) and my region is set from 0:00.000 to 0:00.926 at the moment but doesn't work.

Please help!