Author Topic: FHSW 0.6 Released!  (Read 688 times)

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FHSW 0.6 Released!
« on: 11-12-2016, 15:12:27 »
FHSW v0.6 is released!
That other thread failed miserably and if you try to spam or flame here, I will break your arms.
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Re: FHSW 0.6 Released!
« Reply #1 on: 11-12-2016, 15:12:28 »
Please provide the following:

1) A link to the mod page where one can find a download link.
2) Information what you might need in order to play this.
3) Information about new features, changes and additions.*

* = This information may very well be available in the page that also has a download link, but it is a common courtesy to add a little sneak preview of what a potential downloader could be expecting. Giving them an incentive to find out more.

Otherwise, dont bother making threads like this.