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Sniper Enviroments
« on: 29-11-2016, 14:11:55 »
The main key to being a successful sniper like Vasily Zaitsev and others is environment. In the Normandy campaign, German snipers kick ass, as their olive grey uniform are blended into the bocage. Their high telescopic magnification is useful compared to the American and Soviet counterparts. Only the British are close, with their P14 snipers. In the desert, you are mostly out in the open, but there is also bushes for limited cover. In the winter, the situation is like in the desert, but there are forests in which is best to hide in. Your winter camouflage, (for the Germans) is ideal, as it looks from a distance, as just a pile of snow. In the fall campaigns, bushes are your friends. Forests also heal a good amount. Good luck.
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