Author Topic: Forgotten Hope 2 Soundtrack  (Read 502 times)

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Forgotten Hope 2 Soundtrack
« on: 01-11-2016, 18:11:00 »
Hello everyone!

I always loved the tracks during loading times.

I thought maybe a Soundtrack would be cool.

Even with other WW2 themed songs or music tracks like the Community Map Pack.

I recognized most of them, I have them on Deezer but not in those versions, especially BF1942's theme.

And maybe why not opening a Community Soundtrack? And adding suggestions and additions from the players too!

It's 18:31, time to load the game and to enjoy both loading and gameplay!
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Re: Forgotten Hope 2 Soundtrack
« Reply #1 on: 11-11-2016, 15:11:23 »
Funny just a couple of weeks ago I thought the same thing. I support your Idea  :)