Author Topic: HTroop v1.0b8 Dedicated Server Now Running (Still Need Help Though)  (Read 389 times)

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I have finally gotten HTroop v1.0b8's Dedicated Server up and running!

I installed Team Simple's new Battlefield 1942 patched version, as well as the expansions, then installed HTroop and its other required mods.

I hit a few bumps along the way though.  The clients were connecting to the server, but when they loaded, it would crash in CoOp mode.  It was the silliest problem.  HTroop v1.0b8 works over the dedicated in CoOp mode now, but the server only allows up to 10 players (bot or other) in CoOp mode lol.  Over Conquest, Team Death Match, and Objective modes, there doesn't seem to be a maximum number of players.  So, I am repacking the HTroop v1.0b8 Full Install files right now, and will place them back where they are supposed to be, to allow them to be downloaded from the download page.  Anyone interested in finally playing HTroop v1.0b8, may download the install files, by going to:

Then you must login.  After logging in, you should be able to see the Downloads link.

Please inform me asap, if you would like to get onto the server and play.  Btw, do not forget to open your TCP/UDP ports for Inbound and Outbound, in your advanced firewall settings; port number 14567 for the Bf1942.exe.

Remember also, to "Allow" Bf1942.exe in your firewall.

Thank You,

Professor Smith

P.S.-If anyone can tell me why the Dedicated Server specifically, isn't allowing more than 10 players/bots without crashing, it would be much appreciated.  I have no problems running with more than 10 player slots over a CoOp mode game or otherwise, when starting a game within Battlefield from the in game menu; only when running it from a dedicated server.  I have tried bf1942.exe & the dedicated files of v1.612, and it does not help.  As far as I know, it is not HTroop doing it, as it works just fine when not doing a dedicated game.  Any ideas anyone?

Here are the stats of the VDS I am running HTroop off of through

    Access to four HT CPU cores (Intel Sandy Bridge or better)
    4096 MB of RAM
    400 GB of RAID-protected storage
    24000 GB of bandwidth transfer
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