Author Topic: HTroop v1.0b8 Dedicated Server  (Read 373 times)

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HTroop v1.0b8 Dedicated Server
« on: 14-08-2016, 15:08:59 »
     I just wanted everyone to know that I have finally rented a dedicated server, and am currently in the process of setting it up.  Admittingly, though networking is not new to me, server software and configuration is very new to me, so I am doing my best to slowly muddle through.  I am uploading the necessary files to make an HTroop v1.0b8 server, run.  Hopefully, the server will be ready in a couple weeks, for those that wish to download all the necessary mods to play.  I will post again with the server connection info (with download links of HTroop v1.0b8 & all other mods required to run my mini mod), once the server is ready.

Thank You All,

Professor Smith
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