Author Topic: How to attack on large Africa maps?  (Read 1002 times)

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How to attack on large Africa maps?
« on: 07-07-2016, 20:07:55 »
How to attack on large Africa maps such as Sidi Rezegh? There is barely any cover along the way, and the enemy has the advantage of a well-defended position. Should you slowly advance in APCs along the map edge with the tank and artillery support? Any suggestions?
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Re: How to attack on large Africa maps?
« Reply #1 on: 07-07-2016, 21:07:44 »
Especially on Sidi Rezegh you need artillery support on Gun positions and work closely with tanks. That being said, often the desert is not as flat as you might think and with short bursts an enterprising infantry man can move from one depression or bush to the next.

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Re: How to attack on large Africa maps?
« Reply #2 on: 07-07-2016, 21:07:15 »
Sidi Rezegh is actually a map with plenty of cover for infantry (wrecks, bushes, craters) and I find it to be one of the most enjoyable NA maps. Since it's hard to depend on teamwork on public server, probably the best thing you can do, is to use the recon class, which gives you advantage of binoculars and smoke grenades. They are both very useful during the attacks on far outposts, because you not only can spot targets for friendly artillery, tanks and snipers, show enemies' movement for your team on the minimap but also use them for your own good, searching for routes to breach enemy defensive lines in the safest possible way. Additional two smoke grenades are extremely useful when you and your squad is close to the enemy's flags. They can be used not only for sneaky advance but also for safe retreat in case you will be spotted earlier than excpected and forced to move back to your base or whatever.

APCs can be used for fast surprise attacks, or for fire support (parked in some safe spots in the back, work as a mobile MG bunkers) providing covering fire for advancing infantry. Slow advance with APCs and infantry is rather certain death, because they can be taken out easily even with handheld AT weapons, not only in close quarters but also with AT rifles, which can easily destroy light armoured vehicles even from 100+ meters, not to mention all the PAK guns and tanks with their cannons which will cut through APCs armour like a knife through butter.

Slow advance with infantry support on maps like Sidi Rezegh is probably possible only with heavy tanks, but also not without artillery support, which is IMO vital. No tank is able to stand German 88s. Take those out, and your team can procceed with further attacks. Mortars are also vital to suppress enemy infantry at the flag zones + they have smoke shells to help you with the advance. That leads again to the point, that spotting is most important. Use the recon class ;)

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Re: How to attack on large Africa maps?
« Reply #3 on: 22-07-2016, 13:07:28 »
In my experience, the strategy is less North African versus other type strategies, and more what the realities are on the ground.

For instance,
The strategy on Alam Halfa and El Alamein have similarities and differences; while Sidi is something else entirely.

There's a game of Ro sham bo going on; something kills something very well but is weak against something else and vulnerable against another thing.

Remember the 20mm AA gun in Saving Private Ryan that caused riot against Millers Troops? Or conversely, what happened when their machine guns went silent? First in the belltower and then in the house covering the West flank?

Something like that.
You have assets you need to use to effectively keep the enemy off his stroke, and he has weapons that prevent your strongest troops from being brought to bear.

Artillery, airpower and in closer skirmishes smoke tend to be great decider of battles and removes the enemies immediate threat.

That's the key thing, removing the immediate threat first and quickly.
Once you realize your side is being bogged down by an AT gun, decide if you can flank it with infantry and take it out (Preferably using rifle grenades and anti tank bombs to ensure it stays down) or if it's in range of artillery that flatten it.

I present these options as these are the ideal.

On public server, like with real war, things are anything BUT ideal.
You may have a no-show on your artillery or the enemy may be focusing his airforce on your guns.

Trying to fix those guns (Take Gazala for instance) may be a trap, as your entire focus is on step 0 instead of step 1; getting across that open area and capping that critical flag.

So you need an alternative approach.

Tanks in North African maps are generally your spearhead, so once the immediate threat to them have been removed, get as many of them across with infantry in tow.

A spawn tank, though frowned upon by some can be a great strategy to get more men in than can be safely carried on.

But watch out for enemy tanks in hull down positions as these can wreck havoc on your tanks and blunt your offensive -- And getting pubbies to coordinate tank actions is hard enough without having to do it more than a few times.

To deal with thos entrenched enemy tanks, like with AT guns could be anything from a 'commando unit' sneaking in, artillery scaring them off or airstrike depending on other factors like air cover, if you can find a flank to sneak in.

The key thing is speed. You need to keep the enemy on the defensive and off his stroke. Once you gain an advantage, push into them as far and as fast as you can until you start to feel the resistance mount, then the new situation, identify immediate threats and focus on taling those out; rinse, repeat.

And yes, sometimes, the enemy has entrenched so well and his stone, paper and scissors are so well in sync that any attempt to take out one would cost you unacceptable casualties -- This is especially true if he beat you to the strategic point; for instance the opn flag at the blockhouse on Sidi Rezegh.
In that case, you may need to rely on flanking at the margins of the map, or get in a solid squad with a smart squad leader that knows how to survive long enough to matter. And even then the rules still apply. Take out the key threats, such as the 88, PAK guns or any marauding tanks, so even if the attack fails, a speedy second attack can exploit the weakened defenses.

But like all maps, NEVER, and I mean never try to attack an enemy in a predictable way. Don't focus on individual skill or you're playing a game of loser's luck. Don't send tanks against AT defended based without air or artillery, don't attack entrenched tanks with other tanks, and don't try to cap a base that is defended by at least one full squad with a squad of your own carrying just rifles.

You may succeed, but if you don't you lose critical time bleeding, and hand over the intiative to the enemy.