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Re: Finish the italians
« Reply #60 on: 21-03-2016, 19:03:24 »
What would actually be neat is if instead of having instant kill minefields for tanks, have the mine fields pre-populated with mines, so that infantry could clear a path for tanks to avoid choke points.

What I'd like to see a as a comeback is the mine APC from FH1. Now THAT would put the mine back in the mine detector.  ;D

Sure, that thing was arcadish as hell. But it was really fun to actually have the ability to mine a whole path/road/flagzone. Sadly there were no mine detectors in FH1 but the mines were quite visible.

Can we at least get a dedicated miner pickup kit? Pistol only, smoke grenade, wrench and a limit of 5-6 mines. Would be much more viable to use for mining than the current engineer kit.
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