Author Topic: FH2: All New 2.5 Maps [SP/COOP] DOWNLOAD  (Read 32303 times)

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Re: FH2: All New 2.5 Maps [SP/COOP] DOWNLOAD
« Reply #75 on: 24-07-2018, 09:07:02 »
As the author of this mappack, let me give a quick statement to avoid any confusion.

It is unfortunate (but was to be expected) that many aspects of this are now broken with the (excellent) recent patch to FH2.

This was created several years ago and I hope it was some fun to the people that enjoyed FH2 in singleplayer. Unfortunatly, due to my private life taking different directions, I can currently and in the forseeable future not work on any patch or update, or conversions for new maps. If anyone else wants to - please go ahead.

Thanks Darman for all your hard work, we enjoyed your SP/COOP-Maps so much. Very sad that they donĀ“t work with the new version. Maybe someone will continue your awesome work. All the best for your future!