Author Topic: Launcher wont launch  (Read 226 times)

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Launcher wont launch
« on: 10-01-2016, 15:01:11 »
Good afternoon,

I want to get back to the battlefield after a long depart from this incredible mod.

Last november I brought my desktop to the shop. They removed everything/cleaned up, reinstalled windows 7 and put most of my files back.

But I had to reinstall BF2 and FH2. So I installed BF2, installed the patches and installed FH2. I can start the launcher. But when I actually launch FH2 it just does nothing... Only that is challenging and querying the gamespy server and then it kicks out.... I already tried to start without windows firewall and run as adminstrator.

Funny thing is that FH2 is running in windows taskmanager... see the attached file.

Can anyone help? Thx in advance!
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Re: Launcher wont launch
« Reply #1 on: 11-01-2016, 20:01:11 »
It's weird that it is querying the Gamespy server, afaik the Launcher should not do that.

Have you tried Windowed Mode? Tick the box in the Launcher (it's under Options/Video) to make it run windowed mode, it should give you an error message. Then pls post the text of the message here.
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Re: Launcher wont launch
« Reply #2 on: 11-01-2016, 21:01:58 »
Choose <None> from the "Login as:" option in the gameplay tab of the Launcher's settings and try to log in again. If this will work for you and game will start, then it's something wrong with your account (try to create a new one in the ingame login menu), if this not gonna help, then it's your firewall / antivirus blocking the Launcher ???