Author Topic: Errors since v1.0b7 that I cannot figure out myself, as of yet.....  (Read 226 times)

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Hello Everyone,
     I wanted to wish Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and wanted to Thank All of Those Modders, Editors, and Players so far that have been offering their advice and experience, helping me to correct various errors in HTroop along the way.
     As for the most recent blockade, for certain maps (when running on a dedicated server), I get the host error of "Too many statemasks" or "out of ghost ids" (either error when playing as a client, or switching between maps; sometimes the client is kicked, and must rejoin, but the server stays in tact).
     I am under the impression from multiple sources, that I must simply decrease the number of spawning objects within the map, or the number of networkableinfo scripts in the objects.con, physics.con, & weapon.con files.
     Most of the maps I have corrected in this fashion, are now working over Internet or LAN, but once in a while, I get a map where it just won't
stop the "ghosting", "stuck in limbo" effect in game as the client; 0 Hit Points, able to move your weapon, but not able to walk.  From another
client's view of another player "stuck" in this way, the "stuck" client is invisible, but the name tag can be seen.  The same goes for bots in CoOp.
     Does anyone know of a solution to this issue?  If so, please respond asap.  There area a few well made maps that I would enjoy promoting
through HTroop , as well as every one of the working maps so far.

Thank You,

Professor Smith
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