Author Topic: Attacks on Paris 14/11/2015  (Read 3205 times)

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Re: Attacks on Paris 14/11/2015
« Reply #45 on: 18-11-2015, 23:11:27 »
Who buys Oil from Daesh?.


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Re: Attacks on Paris 14/11/2015
« Reply #46 on: 20-11-2015, 21:11:11 »
Who buys Oil from Daesh?
Turkey. Who conveniently also bombs almost exclusively Kurds. And where ISIS is apparently able to hunt down their opponents instead of resorting to random terror attacks. And which has done practically nothing to stop ISIS from crossing the border at will and using Turkey as a safe haven and resupply area.

Erdogan is clearly playing with fire, but hey, as long as in a time of crisis people tend to flock to their current leader and vote for him, it suits him just fine that there is a perpetual war along his southern border so people won't question too much why he's slowly but surely inching the country back towards Islamic theocracy (ummm... what was Daesh's objective again, please remind me?). Maybe he will be able to elect himself "President for Life" or rather declare himself the Caliph before Daesh gathers too much momentum. Maybe.

Of course, it's old news that buying oil from practically any Gulf state with a Sunni majority counts as indirect funding of ISIS because of the oil billionaires' tendency to aid them with millions upon untold millions of dollars (not to mention their older hobby project al-Qaeda). I hope that the Arctic and the Antarctic ice caps start to really melt down so that we can start drilling oil there instead.