Author Topic: HTroop v1.0b7 (a mini-mod for FH & Other Popular Mods) Has Been Released!  (Read 260 times)

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(Note:  I have posted this in another topic just recently, but it was suggested I post again in a more noticeable topic.)

Hello Folks,
I have fixed a whole bunch of various things from the last 2 releases of HTroop beta (v1.0b5 & v1.0b6), and am now releasing HTroop v1.0b7. Included in the update v1.0b7, are scads of singleplayer only maps, a working Lazer Tower that the bots are incredible at using, and a whole bunch of other things that have never been done in any other mod that I know of.

Please remember to download and install all 3 versions in a row to ensure HTroop working correctly (and to download and install the other mods required; look for their download links within the forum news section, under the post: "HTroop v1.0b5 Is Ready For Download!"), for HTroop to work properly. Enjoy!

(Please remember, this is a mini-mod for Bf1942, so either the retail or origin version of Battlefield 1942 is required.)

You can find the downloads page at:

Simply register for a free account.  Once I have activated your account, you will see a downloads page available.

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